F.A.Q. - Frequently asked questions

What does Spanhof.Info mean?

"Spanhof" ist my last name - so it's means normally nothing :-)

How many people work for you?

Just me, im the only one who works at "Spanhof.Info"

Did you visit a photography school or where did you learn it?

I didn't visit a photography school, i taught myself everything.

I have a good Camera - can i work for you?

I normally work on my own - but for bigger events, some of the clients can buy packages with more photographers or something else - so just send me an email with your camera stuff and something about you.

What is your next project, photoshoot or event/festival?

Puuuh - ehh .. dont know! Just check my Facebookpage. There you can find my eventdates where i will be next..

Can i use your pictures to print it out, for my website or facebookaccount or .. ?

No problem, you can! But it's good for me to see where i can find them - so just send me a picture by email: info@spanhof.info - where i can see the pictures online or when you hang the pictures at the wall of your home. This would be nice!

Is it possible to get other pictures of your work - which are not online?

Not really but check my other accounts in the social media menu. Here you can find even more pictures.

What is your current camera stuff?

Check the camera stuff menu for more details about my gear.

How much do i have to pay for a photo shooting or to book you on a weeding?

Just send me a message, i will send you a pricelist with all details.

Not finished right now... :-)


If you have some questions - just send me a message.